opening and Kick off event solutions

Unique Grand opening ideas for collaborative program – virtual and live grand opening event on demand. World wide and local ideas and solutions.

World wide for Local

Set up a World wide solution online to help local business and partners

Turn your product into a powerfull artwork in one click

Your product is an artwork

As Andy Warhol did by the past with “the Campbell’s soup can” we can turn your product (s) image into artworks.

We load a black and white picture of your product into our design app. We set up a remote grand opening dedicated tool.

So you invite your community to create a custom version of everything you want to promote.


Treat your community as well as artists. They would love to feel that confidente about there artistic skills.

They will become a tribu dedicated to promote your product image.

digital for events

You are totally free to use Pop art solution for either opening, kick off or even classic events.

But you can now imagine a World wide or global tour. We set up digital event on demande tool so people can play during at least one month.

It also can be a Virtual event teasing. That way, you can reveal the artwork to people coming through your date.