Best Present idea ever

Very cool Gift ideas for every moments of your life : baby shower, child wife and man birthday, wedding, graduation, house moving, Valentine’s day.

Collaborative remote gift

Invite family and friends to be part of a collaborative art original Gift

Original and remote gift ideas

Pop Art gift is a remote gift solution we can print for you.

1 – You send us the portrait or cartoon caricature representing one very spacial person you want to celebrate.

2 – We set up a personal digital space open 24/7 from all around the world and including easy tools to customize your picture.

3 – You invite your community to create their own custom version of you picture. Everybody share it on a global gallery you can access and share 24/7.

In option – you order a printed canvas or mural.

world wide remote access

You can now imagine a collaborative gift with people from all around the city, the country… and even all around the world.

You get a full access to a digital tool you share with your crew. Everybody can create is own version.

Every customized portraits appears instantanelly on a global gallery.

In option, you order your printed canvas or mural to offer as an incredible present.

The best gift ideas ever

This solution is for sur the best gift ever.

Because it involves every members of your family or community.

And because it concerne directly the person you love and celebrate by using his / her  portrait or cartoon caricature.

One person, couple, family…

Our offer start at 490$ per person. For that price you can invite as many people you want from all around the world to customize ONE person portrait or cartoon.

But in option, you can set up a couple solution. 

You even can imagine a team, crew or family canvas by adding as many portraits or cartoons as you want. Price is 490$ per portrait or cartoon you want to be able to customize.