Our Pop Art Fun app is a brand new way to set up very cool digital activities.
Remember some facts about Pop art history:
1. Pop art emerged in the mid-1950s in Britain and late 1950s in the United States.
2. Pop art often used imagery from popular culture such as advertising, celebrities, and comic books.
3. Pop art was a response to the then-dominant ideas of abstract expressionism.
4. Key figures in the Pop Art movement include Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Richard Hamilton, and Claes Oldenburg.
5. Pop art incorporated everyday objects and images into art, often with a humorous or ironic twist.

How much Pop Art is a cool digital activity? ?

You can use our very cool digital activity’s  technology for different purposes. It can be about corporate event or moment as team building, office staging, ice breaker… Pop Art is a really simple way to bring teammates all together even remotely.

Our app can also be use with family and friends to create home staging’s canvas and murals or gifts and souvenirs for weddings, showers or birthdays.

On everybody’s phone

You can use our app with every smartphone or tablette.

Invite as many people as you want

You can play live with family and friends or even teammates during digital activities for Team building. Your space stay open 7/24 from all around the world.

no download needed

Everything is available within one link. No upload. No data. Just fun and creativity.

Build strong relationships

People are totally free to reach your space and create Digital Pop art when ever they want. They can be located from all around the world. But they also can be teammates, family or neighbours. 

Why should you consider a cool digital activity for your team?

A cool digital activity is a great way to bring teams together and foster collaboration in a virtual environment.

It can help promote creativity, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Digital activities also provide an opportunity for teams to take a break from their daily routines and connect with their colleagues in a fun and engaging way.

Andy Warhol pop art portrait customize online with pop-art.fun app
Digital challenge idea on smartphone
Andy Warhol portrait Black and white creation by ana artist
Pop Art interactive digital challenge entertainment
Pop Art interactive digital challenge entertainment