Pop Art interactive digital challenge entertainment

Interactive digital challenge entertainment for on venue, on air or on demand event. Challenge teams remotely or within a couple of minutes.

Our Numeric Challenge activity is a real digital accelerator. Plus this is a pure moment of fun. And you can decide to go for in many different ways.

Please, first be our guest, and make a Trial.

1 _ You choose which portrait or elements you like the most.

2 _ Click on the one you like. It brings you into a coloring tool. So you can create your personal Pop Art portrait or artwork in a couple of minutes and by one hand. You can play with your smartphone or tablet. And it can also be a computer.

3 _ As soon as your done, please click on « add to gallery ». That way you send your creation into a global challenging gallery. It means as well you voted. Each Vote gives one point.

4 _ You can go and check the score into the gallery by your own on your device if you are playing remotely. If you are part of an event where the scoring gallery is exhibit on screens, just check on displays to discover your portrait and score.

Click on Portraits below to START

Pop Art interactive digital challenge entertainment


GO to the Challenge Gallery

Interactive High-tech challenge

Right after you choose which portrait you want to color, our artistic app welcome to you. This virtual space is where your interactive digital challenge entertainment really starts.

Digital challenge idea

Digital entertainment

It is possible to play by your own on every electronic devices:

  • Smartphone
  • Computer
  • Tablet

So you can imagine every possibility about organisation. It can be an on venue event with people enjoying a cocktail or being par of a meeting.

But il allow as well to host people remotely and virtually.

Interactive digital challenge

One unique Guide line for a world class challenge

The main Pop art guide line is universal: please add Bold colors to customize your celebrity portrait as a pop art artist.

Using our bucket tool, it make it so easy and fast that you can involve hundreds of persons in a same time, moment, place or event.

Digital challenge activity

Click and score

Our challenge is very easy but fun: you oppose two different celebrities or elements regarding on your topic, culture or style.

You ask you guest to choose between the two of them. And to vote, they have to customize who or what they like the most.

As soon as they are done, they click to add to the gallery and vote.

Digital challenge entertainment

Why should I organize an interactive digital challenge during an on venu event?

Engage and entertain attendees.

Organizing an interactive digital challenge during an on-venue event can be an effective way to engage and entertain attendees, and to keep them involved throughout the event.

Our Pop Art app can be used on smartphone within a couple of minutes. People can play when ever they want.

Stand your event for ever

It can also provide a unique and memorable experience that encourages further participation and interaction with the event, as well as boosting overall engagement. If your event is a grand opening or a corporate, brand or retail event, it could make the difference by the future. Our digital solution can become social content and shares.

Set up your own atmosphere

Our interactive digital challenge consiste into presenting two different celebrities portrait. Your guests have to choose who they prefer. So they color or customize the portrait they like the most and drop it in one click in a dedicated twice gallery.

That gallery shoes on air both portraits and score evolution.

Those two portraits should represent Two really different tendances as male or female, sport vs culture, … It is used to draw attention to key topics or messages being discussed at the event, and to create an exciting and immersive atmosphere.

Digital master: On air display

Every pop art drawing dropped instantanlly appears on screen or virtual gallery.

That display can be:

  • display on screen during an on venue event
  • reached within a link or flash-code by remote audience

That particular gallery is auto-refresh. So score is a real time result.

Plus you can set up your display regarding your material. Check this post to understand.

Some more ideas about digital entertainments all provide by anaystof




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