How to set up your entertainment art display - easy way

Pop art Entertainment art remote app: the easiest way to understand How to set up your entertainment arts’ display is to take a look at that video.


Celebritie’s Entertainment remote art

Pop Art Entertainment art remote application is crazy!!!

That video is an home made video. Means everybody is playing with Michael Jordan’s pop art portrait in the same living room.

But things work the same even if you are not all in the same location. Or if you are part of a huge event with screens and displays.

You can play with during many purposes, it would always be the same about our very cool technicals features all set for you.

Pop Art Fun Entertainment remote art app

In every case, you drop your creation into a safe-deposit box we call a global gallery. As soon as you click on add to gallery’s button, your file goes on. So it instantanlly appears on screen or display.

Each pop art portrait dropped, shows up on air.

This makes this art entertainment very exciting for people watching or participating.

You can image everybody playing during the same event. Or you can even invite people remotely to complete the game and the global display. You gallery can stay for a while.

On air Pop Art fun Entertainment art exhibit

How to set up your own digital exhibit or display is hold in the internet. You are able to reach you tool and show the gallery on every devices you use to work in it:

  • Computer
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

And you can display your personal or global gallery through every kind of screen you connect to those electronic devices. It can be:

  • TV screen
  • Computer monitor
  • Even directly through you smartphone or tablet screen
  • Travel monitor
  • Giant public screee
  • Sport court screens…
How to set up your entertainment art display - easy way

So you understand seizes and situation are a lot different.

IF you want to share your gallery with a tablet’s screen during a corporate meeting. Or in case of a break entertainment during a basketball or sport’s game… You are talking about two different worlds. One includes people in a small area watching a small screen. The other concerns a very huge display.

So you can decide at anytime, how many portrait you want to show per a row. Less you set up portraits per a row, bigger they are. And more you want to show drawing in the same time, and more you have to devise each row.

This is the best way to move into your entertainment. You display one or two large full size portraits at the very beginning. And more you have drawing arriving into the gallery, and more you have to small down the picture size to let fit the most possible in the same display.

So it’s up to you to set up a 1 or portraits per a row, until a 10, 15, 20… and more portraits per a row. Regarding how large it is and if people are close or far away located.

Entertainment art display set up

Long display vs High display?

Pop Art Digital Entertainment art on air

Numeric entertainment art in a long display

Historically, computer, Tv, theater, cinema’s… screen are longer than high.

If you are or will be using one of that types, you can display at least 3 to 12 portraits in a same row.

It with automatically set up 5 to 10 rows. So you would be able to show up about 15 to more than 100 drawings in the same time in a global gallery.

Pop art People’s Entertainment art display

Virtual entertainment art into high display

Since socials and smartphones, things are changing. More an more people follow the world through that device.

It is possible to set up your gallery in purpose.

The Instagram model

Instagram set up the 3 square pictures per a row as a regular or world wide base.

It looks like pretty familiar and confortable to reach a display that looks like instagram design. So it could make a lot of sens to set up your corporate or personal display that way.

But you also can decide to go for an even more personal way.

Your personal entertainment art show.

Even if Instagram is a must, there is no reason you can not do something by your own. gallery can display 1 or 2 pictures per a row. It’s completely up to you.

And most important: you can change your mind at anytime during your event or campaign.



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